In 1990 I was sixteen. I lived in Perth, Western Australia. I was in the last year of high school. I put out a fanzine called Chapter 24, named after a song written by Syd Barrett, who I was totally obsessed by at the time. I did three issues between October 1990 and November 1991, ten photocopied pages each with little reviews, articles and interviews etc. The fourth issue was meant to come out with a compilation cassette of Perth bands. I ended up putting out the tape but not the fanzine. The tape was called Bright Lights, Small City, and it came out in July 1992. It wasn’t on Chapter Music, it was just “A Chapter 24 Compilation”.

After doing Bright Lights Small City I made friends with Richard Forster, who had just arrived in town after his parents bought him a one way bus ticket to Perth from Brisbane. We started to do the label together (our next project was a Sonic Youth tribute tape called Kill Yr Idols!), and put out a new fanzine called Salty & Delicious. Richard moved back to Brisbane mid-1994, but we decided to keep on doing the label and zine together. We put out 8 cassettes (mostly more compilations) one CD, and four issues of S&D.

In mid 1995 I moved to live in Melbourne. Richard had moved there a few months earlier. Since the start of the year we had been trying to get a seven inch pressed at Corduroy Records, a new pressing plant in Australia. That first single eventually came out in September 1995, the Molasses/Minimum Chips split single.

That was the beginning of the vinyl era of Chapter Music. Shortly after the split single came out, Richard decided to stop being involved with the label and the fanzine, so I started doing it on my own again. I put out one more issue of Salty & Delicious, and that was the end of that. But the label was going strong. I put out another seven inch by my old band in Perth called Sulk, and in the process ended up with a job at the record factory. In August 1996 I became Corduroy Records’ first employee, starting off operating the presses and eventually coming to manage the factory as the company expanded.

In September 2002 I left Corduroy to live in Japan for 18 months, putting the label on hold. I returned in March 2004 and picked up where I left off.