Alex Vivian is Always, a confronting and brutal boy genius who began his solo musical career sometime in 2003 under the name Viviano, before opting for a more universal moniker a year later. Although his performances have become more abstract in recent years, at the time of Cruising + Gross Odour Always was known for his menacing acapella [...]


Hailing from Melbourne, Australia, the five women of Beaches have graced the Australian music scene and beyond with their epic, sprawling psych-rock sound for more than five years. Since forming in 2007, Beaches have toured extensively around Australia and the US, garnering an avid following for their trancelike, sonic overdrive live shows and glowing critical [...]

Bum Creek

Relocated Canberra freakoids Bum Creek have been making amazing musical weirdness since earlier this decade. They now live in Melbourne and turn every live show into a triumphant lurching mess of synth squiggles, kraut percussion and vocal gibberish.


Melbourne/Sydney trio Bushwalking will release their second album on Chapter Music in September 2013. The band comprises Nisa Venerosa of Chapter Music artists Fabulous Diamonds, alongside Karl Scullin (Kes Band) and Ela Stiles (of Sydney band Songs). Bushwalking were formed in 2011 when Stiles was planning to record a solo album and enlisted friends Venerosa [...]

Can’t Stop It!

Chapter’s Can’t Stop It! is one of the first compilation series to examine Australia’s post-60s musical legacy. The late 70s/early 80s post-punk era is perhaps the first time that Australian musicians felt confident enough to ignore overseas trends and create their own musical identities. Most of the Can’t Stop It! bands, however, had been practically [...]

Chris Robison

Chris Robison is an obscure but all-pervasive presence in New York rock from the late 60s onwards, having played with everyone fron Elephant’s Memory and Steam to a pre-Kiss Wicked Lester, plus the New York Dolls, John Phillips and Bob Dylan. His 1973 self-released solo album Many Hand Band is a pioneering document of gay liberation, as well [...]


Formed around high school friends Bek Moore, Rachael Cooke and Alison Bolger in the very early 90s, Clag played a kind of psychotic kiddie punk, full of one note Casio keyboard solos and lyrics about cows, goldfish and gravy-covered hot chips. Their apparent innocence, however, was merely a front, disguising examinations of the human psyche [...]

Clare Moore

Clare Moore began her musical career in the early 70’s as a drummer at Rock Masses in Adelaide, which were organised by Australia’s singing nun, Sister Janet Mead. Sister Janet hit the top of the charts with her version of The Lord’s Prayer. Clare remembers suited, sunglassed A&R men coming to the school trying to [...]


In the beginning, there was South Auckland’s own the Coolies, three teenage school chums Tina, Sjionel and Melissa playing the kind of racket that might have caused Johnny Rotten himself to spin in his grave, had he actually been dead (might as well have been). Back then in the mid/late nineties, the Coolies’ punk/rock’n'roll/punk was inspired, it [...]

Crayon Fields

The Crayon Fields play intricate, atmospheric pop music recalling the minor key majesty and close-knit harmonies of 60s maestros the Zombies, the Byrds and the Beach Boys. After forming in the last year of high school in 2002 and releasing two independent EPs, Chapter Music released the Crayon Fields’ unruffled, dreamy pop debut Animal Bells in [...]